Terms & Conditions


  • Ensure your account information is up to date.
  • All bids are final. Ensure your bid is correct. Your bid is a binding contract to purchase the item.
  • Participants must register prior to placing a bid. 
  • Bidding will close at the stated times, or when all in-coming bids cease.
  • You accept and approve that you will be contacted via email and do not consider such contact as SPAM. 
  • This is an Internet Only Auction, there is NO telephone bidding.
  • All merchandise is subject to applicable taxes collected by Pattison Media. All gift certificates are subject to applicable taxes collected by the merchant upon redemption of the voucher.
  • ALL OR NOTHING: winning bidders either claim all items they've successfully bid on or forfeit all items. 
  • Successful bidders will receive an official voucher which will be used to claim the purchase from the Vendor.
  • If, due to a business closing or transfer of ownership of a business, where credit notes are no longer valid, Pattison Media will reimburse the bidder for the PURCHASE PRICE ONLY (less any used portions of the credit note). Original credit notes and/or letters will be required in office for the reimbursement process to begin. Pattison Media will NOT reimburse credit notes/letters older than one year.
  • Pattison Media is not responsible for clerical errors, technical errors or omissions.